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We are dedicated to the health and well being of citizens of Saline County. We recognize that improving the health and wellness of the community takes a community effort. We are providing this website for your information. For more up to date information on a regular basis, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.





Can I just walk in for an appointment?

No, please call for an appointment, there are possible same day appointments.  Just give us a call 785-826-6602 for clinic services, 785-826-6603 for WIC services and we can see what is available for you.

What immunizations do I need for overseas travel?

Our foreign travel nurse will help you determine what immunizations that may be required or that is recommended for you before you travel.  The immunization process may take a few weeks to complete, please call  at 785-826-6602 to schedule your appointment. 

How do I start a day care?

If you are interested in opening a child care facility or would like more information, please call our child care surveyors a call at 785-826-6600.  They will get you started in the right direction. 


BED BUGS, What a pest!

What are Bed Bugs?

Reddish-brown in color, wingless, feed on blood of people and animals, and can live for several months without a blood meal.

Bed Bugs Facts:

  • Classified as a Public Health Pest
  • Not known to spread disease
    • -can cause allergic reactions or;
    • -secondary infections from scratching
  • Can be found anywhere across the globe


Transported usually through people as they travel, on the seams of luggage, furniture, bedding, etc. They are experts at hiding so they are difficult to detect.



  • Inspect for signs of infestation.
    • -Rusty reddish stains
    • -Dark spots
    • -Eggs or egg shells
    • -Sweet musty smell
  • Take precautions when traveling, with used furniture and/or moving.  When you get home throw your bags in the dryer.

Getting rid of them:

  • CDC, EPA & KDHE - Similar Guidelines
  • Getting Rid of Bed Bugs
  • Do- IT- Yourself or Professional
  • Chemical, non-chemical means
  • Heat
  • Bottom line:
    • -Make sure it is bed bugs
    • -choose your treatment options

Since they are a pest:

  • No City Ordinances
  • No County Ordinances
  • No State Ordinances except for
    • -K.A.R. 4-27-5
    • -K.A.R. 4-27-9
    • -Both cover Lodging Establishments with reporting to Kansas Department of Agriculture.
  • No grant funds or other outside sources to help with eradication


Websites with more information

What landlords need to know

Stop Pests

What is the Becoming a Mom® Program?

We have the "Becoming a Mom®" program that is for expectant mothers whether this is you first child or your fifth child.  There is always something to be learned or fun to be had.  To find out more - Call us at 785-826-6600.



How do I enroll in WIC?

Call 785-826-6603 to schedule an appointment to see if you are eligible for WIC. Once you are scheduled, our staff will send you important information for you to complete and bring to your appointment.

Can I get my birth certificate from you?

Vital records such as birth certifiactes, death certificate and marriage and divorce records can be found through iKan.

Do you have information on a specific health condition?

There are many resources on this website, especially in the Health Education Section.  Telephone information is available at the National Institutes of Health website or the National Library of Medicine website.  Don't hestiate to call your phyisican to discuss any questions regarding your health.

How do I report a food-related illness or a problem with a restaurant?

Do you accept my medical insurance?

Call in advance to check if we are able to bill your insurance, and bring your insurance card to your appointment.

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We strive to....


Our vision is to be a leader among Kansas cities and counties in effectively identifying, addressing and anticipating community health needs.



Our mission is to:

  • to assess community health status and available resources;
  • to develop policies to support and encourage better health;
  • to assure that necessary services are provided through other entities, by regulation or by direct provision of services.

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